Nachricht aus Gambia

Im Folgendem eine Nachricht aus Sukuta (Gambia) von unserem Teammitglied Yaya aus Gambia zu der aktuellen Situation. Zudem wird Yaya die Schutzmasken, sobald sie fertig sind verteilen. Wir versuchen die Bevölkerung so gut es geht zu unterstützen. Dafür sind wir auf Eure Hilfe angewiesen!!
“As the spread of corona virus pandemic cause serious life threatening in the global including our beloved country the Gambia. The sukuta ward development committee therefore on behalf of SOWAS Gambia partnership with sukuta development committee, I write to solicit support from individuals, philantropists and organizations to extend humanantarian support to the people of sukuta ward. The ward is embarking on crusade because the impact of covid 19 is beyond the health, food security is another looming disaster that is likely to strike the Gambia and my ward is not exception.
Therefore the committee is seeking an much support as possible on food stuffs, hand washing materials and other household to ensure an effective response beyond any capacities within the ward as it is everyone concern.
Sadly the failure of the Gambia government in providing relief packages to affected the households in the country.

Your faithful Yaya Jarju.”

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